The Balloon Artist College Manifesto

The Balloon Artist College (BAC) will be the most comprehensive, accessible, professional educational resource for balloon artists world wide.

BAC will:

  • Teach Balloon Artists how to write designs (in oppose to just reading and executing) of all sorts for FREE
  • Offer the best online courses available on the planet about the various topics that Balloon Artists (BA) needs to run a successful business and to live a fulfilling artistic life
  • Offer amazing opportunities for BAs and Balloon Industry Instructors. Here is a partial list for each group:


Benefits for BAs:

  • Practice time – online guided Jam sessions led by instructors and balloon veterans
  • Challenges – 21 days challenges that will be focused on specific topics (twisting, social expressions, arches, link balloons etc) with prizes and hints. Challenges will help you build your portfolio.
  • Accountability – a program for Master Mind Groups will be created to encourage accountability
  • Mentorship – each BA will be mentored every 3 months by one of our instructors
  • Discounts – BAC will negotiation amazing deals to help BAs with building their businesses
  • Courses – BAC will grow its online courses portfolio of both free and paid courses.

Guidelines for Instructors:

  • Each course will have a lead instructor that will have to submit the course layout for approval. Each course must include around 50% of the content available for free.
  • Courses length time should be 5 hours and split into 5 modules.
  • Instructors will be filming the course on their own expense but the course material will be edited by BAC.
  • Compensation plan will be personal and according to actual results of the course
  • Type of tasks at hand: Course owner, Challange owner, Jam session owner, Mentor, Master Mind Group Connector
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