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Season 1, Chapter 12 – with your host – Zivi Kivi

 Season 1, Chapter 12 – Zivi Kivi, CBA – interviewed by Ken Kelly

Zivi Kivi, CBA, is the host of the Balloon Artist Podcast and runs a balloon business that offers entertainment, twisting and decor. In this chapter you will learn:

  • Zivi Kivi personal favorite resources:
  • Job cost forms: empty excel version is here
  • Tips for Conventions:
    • Come with a friendly attitude and bring your own pump and balloon cutter
    • learn the ethics rules:
      • Never take a sculpture made in class. Leave it be for people to take pictures and for the organizers to be able to donate it
      • Don’t take balloons from a jam room home. People might need them during the jam
      • Give credit to the convention owner and the instructor when you post pictures into facebook
  • Mastermind Groups and why it can boost your business
  • Why is the podcast split into seasons
  • What happens on season 2 of the Balloon Artist Podcast


All of the Tools ZK uses to run his Business are HERE

You can learn more about the Zivi Kivi here:

Learn more about Zivi’s e-book and other resources – the deserts are here (paid):

Balloon Artist Podcast Host

All of the Tools ZK uses to run his Business are HERE

Chapter tip:

Check your spares


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  • Listening to this last chapter with Ken Kelly as I’m inflating about 300, 260’s as part of some balloon decor that I’m creating for delivery and set up tomorrow, brings to mind how Ken & I have come full circle! I think of Ken & Julian as my personal mentors (they don’t know this). Through their workshops, Facebook pages and spending time with them here in Tennessee a few years ago while they attended Kidabra, especially their amazing advice, taught me that I can do whatever I put my mind to – no matter how old (or young), you are. I went from face painter, clown, balloon twister, children’s entertainer with magic and finally, as a professional balloon decorator – I obtained my CBA last October. It’s funny that as I drifted away from kid’s entertainment, once again Ken is put in my path! Thank you Zivi for producing this podcast. I always look forward to it and try to listen as soon as it comes out. Best of luck for all of your endeavors!~

    • Hello Christine Maentz, CBA.
      thank you so much for sharing! I am so happy I managed to put Ken in your path again – quite a happy surprise isn’t it?
      feeling honored (-: