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Season 1, Chapter 3 – Mr. Fudge

Season 1 chapter 3 – Mr. Fudge – Building an Agency

Jonathan Fudge is the owner and founder of YTE Events which provides services from multiple disciplinaries. He is also the creator of the Your Balloon Man youtube channel, where he has over 18k subscribers and more than 4 MILLION views.

In this chapter you will learn about:

  • How Mr. Fudge grew from being a hard-working and original balloon twister to a business owner
  • The importance of having a business mindset
  • How helping your friends can sometimes help you grow as a business
  • How Mr. Fudge grew from one balloon guy to having a dozen employees and soooo many sub contractors
  • What is the point of decor
  • How increasing the quality of the work you do allows better service and better fees (the automatic grow¬†system)
  • packages, packages, packages
  • be focused on quality control and not just about aggressive marketing techniques
  • How to create an efficient first impression on the phone
  • How to pitch in a story
  • Scarcity – No one want to take away anything. Levarage it!
  • The Price List and how to use it to avoid the “how much is” question
  • Why you should put your prices online (hint – you are losing customers if you don’t!)

Get an Exclusive Video by Mr. Fudge with phone tips

Look for more information about Mr. Fudge here:



Instragram and social media handle: yourballoonman

Balloon Artist Podcast c3

Get an Exclusive Video by Mr. Fudge with phone tips

Secret tip of the chapter:

Hear this chapter of the Magician Business Podcast to learn more about how to say thank you to your customers.

MB 020: Marketing School Shows with Joe Romano


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  • Nick Chapman

    I’m interested with the idea suggested of displaying prices on my website as it’s transparent and honest to clients.
    However, I charge a lot more for a wedding than a birthday party (alk most any other type of business here in the UK sites too). I need to be able to justify why a wedding is more expensive than a birthday party! Any ideas?

    • Hello Nick

      There are so many tactics to tackle this.
      Andrew Smith’s way – raise your birthday fees.
      My way – I use a google form with prizes for all of my services. People see that I have different rates for everything.

      The main thing is that you must not look at it as if you are charging by the hour – but by the value that you are bringing to the event.

      If someone asks why is the wedding more expensive (a wedding prospect) explain that you have separate designs that you only use for weddings and that they are more appropriate for a wedding environment.

      Hope this helps.