Balloons in Restaurants

Season 1, Chapter 4 – Christopher Lyle

Season 1 chapter 4 – Christopher Lyle – How to market yourself with Restaurant Work

Christopher Lyle is the Guy in the Yellow Suit and the author of “Get Yellow”. He lives in Tx, USA and makes a living from being an entertainer, where balloon twisting is one of his tools.

In this chapter you will learn:

  • How working in a restaurant can become your marketing strategy
  • The waiting sheet technique
  • The pre-made balloons system and when to use it
  • How to tackle the issue of double booking (private events vs restaurant night)
  • How to walk out the door or walk away from a table – Christopher Lyle way (works)
  • The sign up sheet procedure and how it changes EVERYTHING
  • The Dinner Theater concept. This alone will blow your mind as you never did this move with balloons in a restaurant EVER
  • The balloon machine and why you don’t want to be that guy
  • A sentence that makes people allow you to choose what to make
  • How to build yourself a portfolio that actually sells your benefits instead of your features

5 Desings Christopher Lyle ALWAYS Uses

Learn more about Christopher Lyle:

Check the book Get Yellow now here:

Communicate with the Guy in the Yellow Suit

5 Designs Christopher Lyle ALWAYS Uses

tip of this chapter:

Use to create your graphics. I sure did a lot.


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  • Fantastic podcast. I really enjoyed it and love your enthusiasm for restaurant work, Christopher!

    Zivi, per your request on paid marketing: Every gig we do is marketing for more of what we do. One specific thing I like to do is cross promote. When I’m at a library gig, I’ll promote my school shows. When I’m at a private party, I’ll promote my library shows because they’re all free to the public. Etc. Etc.

    • Thanks for the comment Annie. The book is yours!

      If someone is reading this on a later date – you can still download a free copy of the first chapter of Cristopher’s book by pressing the blue button above.

  • kim osullivan

    Great info from Christopher! I’m in UK and restaurant work isn’t as popular but I have one regular pub/restaurant I do once a month and love it!

    • Kim I wonder – is it a paid gig or only for tips?
      Here in Israel there are no restaurant gigs usually but I am considering to change that.

      • kim osullivan

        I do it as a paid gig (but cheaper than my normal rate) people don’t really tip here, although I do get the odd one that tips. I use it really as a marketing tool and to gain party bookings.

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