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Season 1, Chapter 7 – Dylan Gelinas

Season 1, Chapter 7 – Dylan Gelinas – Advanced Twisting

Dylan Gelinas is a talented twister, have released multiple PDFs with his original work – and in this chapter you can learn:

  • How to make a light saver sword that makes a cool sound
  • What is the behind the scenes story for some of Dylan’s pdf creations
  • The three techniques of Professional Development that Dylan uses – SH books, Audible (2 books a month), Podcasts
  • Book recommendations: The Tipping Point – by Malcolm Gladwell and How Star Wars Conquered the Univers
  • Book rec 2 – how to get your competition fired
  •  Tips on Balloon Twisting 1 – use a full palette (experiment with dollar stores and shaped balloons)
  • Tips  on Balloon Twisting 2 –  sidewall bubble
  • Tips on Balloon Twisting 3 – the simplest design principal
  • Dylan’s favorite tools – dragon dictation, mini white boards, fiverr
  • How to choose a random number

Dylan Gelinas shares 3 designs in one PDF

twisting tips

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Tip of Chapter 7:

Youtube to mp3 converter tool

Dylan Gelinas shares 3 designs in one PDF

  • Brett Bolich

    As per this contest, I had a hard time choosing what to share so I am going to share one balloon tip and one balloon tool that has changed the way I have seen balloons for a long time.

    My Balloon Tip: I had the privilege to attend my second Twist and Shout in Dallas Texas and I met some old friends and some new friends. One of my friends that I met again was Matt Falloon. His class on the flower buds was a game changer for me. The idea of looking at a geo differently than what it was intended for was the most value I have ever got. It re-spaked my interest in not only this balloon, but what I can do with it as well. The basic Idea is splitting a geo into two and making a lot of cute creations out of it. Well this concept has taught me so much that I even applied it to decor and use the flower buds octopus base and put a bubble balloon in the center with a string of bubbles in-between the quad of geo’s and the bubble balloon. It is amazing because it shows that I can do balloon decor in a live setting that I won’t of thought it would be possible. Sometimes you need that extra kick or a new concept to push your skills even further and the flower buds was one of those concepts that has changed the game for balloon art and to allow me to push my skills even more. Not only that It also took the geo blossom off of the “endangered species” list so to speak and opened new possibilities for a larger palate of these blossoms. I have never been so excited for this concept since David Brenions Masks.

    My Balloon Tool: I am having a hard time choosing between two tools that have helped me out as a twister so I am going to explain each one into detail.

    The Bagchunas; I have started like most twisters with a standard busking bag from Twist em’ Up Balloons. Over the years I have created my own makeshift rigs that I called them “Home Depot rigs”(since most of the parts come from home depot. Later down the road, i wanted my own professional balloon bag and I looked at either the Bartist or the Bagchunas. I ended up with the Bagcunas since Bartist was going to take a long time to ship and hearing complaints from other twisters, made me go with the Bagchunas. It took a month from the time I contacted Rob to the time I got it. He was traveling at the time so I knew he would get it out to me soon. Once I got it. I saw how perfect it was and how the flap of 32 pockets was a game changer for having everything in one Place. I am a magician as well and his bags are comparable to the Joe Lefler suitcase tables. Both amazing Ideas and both are going to be an industry standard for a long time.

    For some reading this I know pricing is one thing that is keeping from some people to purchase this wonderful bag and I totally get it. How can $500 U.S. dollars be justifiable for a balloon bag.

    Well for starters California Minimum Wage is $10.00 an hour (Jan 1st. of 2016) It takes Rob 50 Hours to make one which comes out to $500 in labor. Not to mention the cost of the materials and to find the right vendor to supply those materials. Unless Rob has a system in place to make 4 or 5 bags in one setting, he can be doing well with bags, but based on what the known information is, Rob is making the Bagchunas out of the kindness of his heart for the balloon world to use. With that in mind and the quality of the bag, The Bagchunas is worth it to me and is one of the balloon tools I cannot live without.

    My Second Balloon Tool that I cannot live without would be Matt Falloons Balloon Rolls.

    Each roll holds 50 260Q and constricts every time you pull one out. Before that, i was using fun foam to roll my balloons. With this tool, I am able to roll balloons faster and be strategically organized with my various colors and even new colors (Spring Green get here soon). It also hold other sizes of balloons as well such as 30 350Q 20 646Q and 60 160Q. After buying this tool at the beginning of 2015 Matt told me I got the last batch until he found a new supplier, I am happy that he found a supplier to continue to make these amazing balloon rolls for the balloon world. It is a balloon tool that changed the way I wrap my balloons and It is a tool that everyone should try.

    I can continue on with this but I am going to leave it here. Thanks again for this podcast and I hope you try these tools and balloon tip.

    • Love it. thanks for sharing Brett!!!

  • JayJay Van Vliet

    What a fantastic podcast. Always been a big fan of Dylan, his work, personality and sharing nature.

    My most important tool, technique, and tip is generosity. I treat customers as friends. Arrive early, stay extra, make that ‘just one more’ , allow people to cancel or change with no questions or penalty. All of this of course done within reason, I wouldn’t want to be a doormat. I have found in my twenty years in this amazing business that this policy has paid off in so many ways. My customers treat me like a friend in return. I reduce my administration time and cost by not bothering with contracts and excess paperwork.

  • Menda Ballard Hayden

    Wow shout out & thanks to you both for my morning coffee learning. As a newbie it’s hard to answer the ?’s you’ve asked of us here. I am still in the process of organizing, then re-organizing, then stressing over thinkin that I’ve over done all of this. The best tool I have at this time is all of you who share what you do. As a 60 yr old woman who recently (Oct. of last year) saw her 1st balloon artist at a Denny’s in Florida & went nuts….. I just knew I had to come home & do this. I had no idea HOW, but was determined. Imagine my surprise when the whole BALLOON WORLD opened up to me on the world wide web. So many extraordinary people from all over the world sharing what they know. Example: One of the 1st things I learned (from utube) was a one balloon bear by Ositos Bonitos Faciles. The video is in Spanish & I don’t speak spanish, but was able to follow along & get it. I took 10 of them to lunch with my family that day & made them all squeel with JOY! I’m hooked I tell ya hooked. My best tip (for now) just getting started is when trying to organize use what you have. Don’t jump off the cliff & try to spend a ton of money on all the fancy aprons, carts, & goodies you see all share. Use your start up money on BALLOONS. Thanks again for all you both do & share. Please know it means the world to us!!!!!

  • Marc Feickert

    The best tool I have ever encountered was a simple piece of ribbon. Anyone who uses Velcro strips knows that while they are easy to load, they don’t cinch down well on the balloons, they are hard to adjust while twisting, and you end up with a lot of balloons falling in your apron or other setup.

    I made my own apron, got sick of the issues, and then fixed it by sewing a small strip of ribbon right near where my Velcro band attaches. (See picture) It adjusts easily with a simple one handed tug, it grows as small as you need it, and I haven’t lost a single balloon to my apron since.

    Why apron makers can’t figure it such a simple concept is beyond me, but there’s my tip/tool. A little thing that goes a very long way.

    • Marc Feickert

      Also, it keeps the Velcro from spontaneously detaching!

      • JayJay Van Vliet

        Have you suggested this directly to any of the manufacturers? I don’t use an apron myself but seems like a fantastic improvement.

        • Marc Feickert

          I did, in fact, at twist and shout. We’ll see what’s made of it. And it is fantastic! Best single DIY improvement I’ve ever done.

  • Jean Bakken

    I thought what do I always want in my bag besides pump and balloons? It would have to be my iPhone. There are days that it is used constantly for ballooning. On my way to the gig I am listening to a podcast giving me tips to improve my business and performance. At the gig a child may want a Repunzel or a Creeper. I can google and find color of hair and dress for Repunzel and what in this world a creeper is!! Must take pics at event of cute kids wearing creations for Facebook page. If I have a stupid question that only a twister understands, I can post on several balloon Facebook groups and receive help within minutes. Even a simple timer that rings when my time is up that lets me announce I have to go be at another gig in 30 minutes! Love how this gadget keeps expanding my knowledge and abilities in ballooning.

  • Mike Andreshak

    Great Information from Dylan.
    The one tool/tip I use is to put drops of rose scented liquid into a small container of sort-quick and mix it up. This is used to put onto flowers so the child can actually smell a real scent. You just put your finger into the stuff and dab it onto the flower.

  • mstar

    When traveling to other countries you can bring some joy by using a roll up space bag and compress hundreds of balloons in a large bag that sits in your carry on. Since it is the roll up version it pushes the air out and they you unroll it flat.
    IT also keeps them unexposed to air and does not re inflate like plastic zip baggies.

  • Tommy Brown

    One thing I have started doing lately is buying the scent of a rose in a small spray bottle. So when ever someone asks for a flower, I can give the balloon a light spray, and they have a balloon flower that actually smells like a flower ?

  • Ray Wiley

    The best tool I recommend is a Conway belt
    Cutter for easy editing

  • Music… I never leave home without my playlists ready to go and my IBoom. Current, high energy tunes bring out the best in me and add that extra joy to everyone around me. Music gives my simple balloon designs life. I never do a gig without my music.

  • Maybe not a life changing tip or tool but a very nice idea i saw on the website from Mark Byrne. His daughters make balloon bracelets from the nozzels of scrap balloons. I think it is a really nice idea to re-use the scraps in that way.

  • Nick Chapman

    Ray beat me to it! I love my Conway belt cutter. Its sped up my work no end. Trouble is, I probably use it too much so we all need to look for alternative ways of breaking balloons in a fun and entertaining way – we must not forget we need to entertain as well as make our balloons quickly. I use Cody Williams’ DVD for help here.
    So my alternative tool is a lamp stand! I bought an IKEA lamp stamp and cut the bulb holder off. Now I use it to hold balloons as I build them. Various parts are all beginning to build up on the stand and guests try to guess what I’m sculpting. I like it better than getting them dumped all over the place until you need it as all can clearly see them and try to work out what’s being made. Of course, most models are made upside down or side on until near the end when you get a great ‘ahhhh, it’s a ……!’ moment!
    And choreograph the routines. I am building routines for all my popular models so that the building is really fun and entertaining. For example, the minion is single handed my most popular model. If make one, so many requests come through for one! Anyway, I make the goggles from a 160 and a white 260 scrap. It looks like a watch before it’s attached to the model so I make it at the front end of the routine and wear it as a comical watch and keep checkingit as a running gag. All this goes on until the end when I add it. This is the ‘ahh!’ moment. Even if they have guessed a minion at this point it just really hits home as a minion at this point and makes for a great moment. There is lots of other business in each choreographed routine, but that’s just an example. Be creative and have fun entertaining!

  • Marc Feickert

    So who wins the grand prize, Dylan?

    • Christine Maentz

      We will never know I guess!

      • Gosh I though you saw the mail guys. Really Christine – I expect you to check for them (-;
        It was Tommy Brown!!! he got a full set of the PDFs from Dylan!

  • Melissa Sherk Cba

    My tip is small wooden beads. I buy a pack full of these tiny wood beads. I hope Im not too late to enter, but if I am I hope you find my tip helpful. I use these because they are so much cleaner looking that using raisins and you can save your hands from tying raisins over and over. Just pop in a tiny wooden bead. Much love to everyone from Canada.

  • Tommy Brown is the winner! Thanks Dylan and thank you all for being awesome and sharing!