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Season 1, Chapter 9 – Ori Livney

 Season 1, Chapter 9 РOri Livney

Ori Livney is a master of the art, with vast experience in all fields including decor, large sculptures, dresses, twisting and entertainment.

In this chapter you will learn:

  • The Figure It Out System that Ori Livney articulated and created many years ago
  • How to implement the figure it out system so that you can create a fresh design anytime you want to
  • Learn what is Proportion and Scale and how to actually implement that NOW
  • Have the challenge of the Linearity principle –
  • Resolution and when to go into bigger balloons or weaving techniques
  • How to use your Sharpie in a way that fits the proportion of the sculpture
  • The Color Principle – you already know this. Or do you? One tip Ori gives on this chapter is worth your entire time investment
  • Techniques – what will it allow you to get if you master as many of them (and who should you follow)
  • Construction – if you are not using these invisible bubbles you are missing out an opportunity!

Learn what makes CUTE in 5 minutes

You can learn more about Ori Livney here:

His 5 minutes .com venture:


Ori’s Origanizers:


Ori’s Youtube channel:


Ori’s facebook pages:




Ori’s local site (in Hebrew):


learn more about Ori by reading a previous interview with thim on the balloon chat .co.uk site:



ori livney origanizer

Learn what makes CUTE in 5 minutes

Chapter tip:

How to twist balloons on an airplane (highly under inflated)

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  • Ori Livney

    Hi balloon artist podcast nation!!!
    Here is your challenge!
    You need to recreate this tricycle as closely
    As possible!
    Use all the principals you learned and create an amazing sculpture!

  • This is what you need to make!
    Thanks Ori for sharing so much and good luck everyone!

  • Craig TwistandMake Cash

    Will try it this weekend

  • Craig TwistandMake Cash

    This was so hard to make

  • Craig TwistandMake Cash

    Here’s my go :)

  • Seledonio Martinez III

    Well, it was worth a shot.

    • Craig TwistandMake Cash

      Great job

      • Seledonio Martinez III

        Thank you, great job on yours also.

  • Derek Wong

    This is really challenging.

  • Melissa Sherk Cba

    Ok, here is my entry. I hope you like it.