Season 3, Chapter 11 – Tony Twist

Season 3, Chapter 11 – Tony Twist

Tony Twist is not just seasoned twister who thinks big. He is also a well sought after instructor with multiple instructional DVDs at his belt. In this chapter you will learn:

  • Tony taught in the UK, the bling bling jam, New Zealand, Hamburg Jam and even will teach in T&S 17
  • Worked in Ireland, Netherland, the UK and many other locations
  • He is 53 years old (accidently the interview was in Tony’s birthday)
  • Started in 2008 and learned from Mark Verge the concept of Bigger is Better
  • Don’t get too drunk
  • Learn who are Tony’s heroes
  • Store the 646 upside down (nozzle down)


Learn more about Tony Twist:

or here on fb.

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