Season 4 Chapter 3 Vicky Kimble – Uninflated Balloons

Vicky Kimble is an award winning, seasoned Balloon Artists that among other things is known for her uninflated portfolio. In this chapter you will learn:

  • Fun facts: Vicky taught in Balloon Camp, TJ on the road, Twist and Shout and FLOAT
  • When she is not teaching she is competing! look out!!!
  • How to work with a team of colleagues around you without charging commissions.
  • The “talked about” angle as a benefit and a strategy to get people to book you again and again
  • The Life Time Value principle
  • How to insist on getting the budget from corporate customers – THIS IS THE GOLDEN NUGGET of this chapter
  • Keep sake¬†– the benefit of uniflated ballons designs. WOW

Where you can learn more about Vicky:

Chapter Tip: Gloves and why you might need them

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