Season 4, Chapter 8 – Carolynn Hayman

Carolynn Hayman is among other things – the creator of Conrad the Unicorn. In this chapter you will learn:

  • The Story of Conrad the Unicorn 
  • How to allow yourself to see while in a balloon costume
  • AND how to move your hands too!
  • How Conrad evolved from… a Lobster costume
  • Who is Lola the Zebra

Where you can learn more about Carolynn:

Chapter Tip:

  • Adriana Paola Boldrini Campono

    Hola soy Adriana y en mi pueblo hacemos desfiles de carnavales
    . Por favor quiero hacerme el unicornio para los carnavales en febrero. Podrías explicarme cómo se hace?
    Muchísimas gracias

    • Hola Adriana
      The design of Conrad the Unicorn is copyrighted so you can not do this one as is. Sorry.
      If you want to learn how to make costumes though, Carolynn will be giving a master class about the topic in the convention Twist and Shout 2018.
      Zivi Kivi